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What is the name of Malia's biological mother?
What were the names of Liam's former friends who were revealed to be assassins?
What was the name of the wendigo killed by The Mute in Season 4?
Where was Jackson said to have moved to at the beginning of Season 3?
In 'Motel California', where was the wolfsbane used to drive werewolves to suicide located?
Why did Gerard want Derek to turn him into a werewolf?
What is the name of Scott's father?
When preparing to make his sacrifice, what did Scott use as his key to taking Melissa's place as a guardian?
What was the name of the hunter group based in Mexico?
Who are the two humans in Scott's pack?
Which supernatural creature did Jeff say he would never feature on Teen Wolf?
What was the name of the doctor who worked at Eichen House and interrogated Lydia in Season 5?
How old is Kira's mother?
Which bone did Hayden break of Liam's in sixth grade?
What is the name of Mason's love interest?
How old are Scott and Stiles in Season 1?
What will Scott no longer do now that he is a werewolf but Derek will?

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