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Can you name the Kung fu Weapons?

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DescriptionWeaponUsed for
single-edged, curved blade slicing or chopping
two-edged, straight bladestabbing or slicing
blade with a sharpened hilt, crescent guard, and hooked tipslicing, piercing, disarming
long, wooden stickbludgeoning
3 wooden or metal staffs connected with metal ringsflailing, striking, close/long quarters
several metal rods joined end-to-end by rings flailing
a heavy metal spike attached to a long ropepiercing, binding, long-range
heavy weight attached to a long ropeswinging, entangling, slamming
heavy blade attached to the end of a long poleslicing, blocking
pole weapon consisting of a shaft with a sharpened or spiked headstabbing, slashing, blocking

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