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QUIZ: Can you name the Wonders of the World in Sid Meier's Civilization?

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One extra trade arrow on squares where there is already at least one trade arrow already. 
Receive any technology that any two other civilizations have 
Other leaders always offer a peace treaty 
One content person becomes happy 
+1 movement for ships 
Doubles the effect of temples 
Switch to any government with only one turn of Anarchy 
Middle Ages
Increases lightbulb production by 100% 
Two Civilization Advances are discovered immediately 
Increase light bulb production of all Libraries and Universities from 50% each to 83% each (for a total of 166% when both exist) 
2 unhappy people become content 
+1 movement for ships 
Cathedral effect increases by 50% 
All unhappy citizens are content 
Industrial Age
Spaceship parts may be built. The builder of this wonder gets to see every city in the world 
One content person becomes happy 
Supplies hydro power. In any city affected by this wonder it will be as if there is a hydroplant there. Of course, the upkeep is 0 as with all wonders. 
Nuclears may be built 
Increases lightbulb production by 50%  
Other leaders always offer a peace treaty  
Decreases effect of units outside their home city in Democracy and Republic to 1 and 0, respectively 

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