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Aaron has found a way to use his ________ to his advantage, however his OCD can still act up at innoportune times.
Jake tried to ________ with Greg, but Greg hit him anyway.
Forrest ran over a bird this morning and left the ________ on the side of the road.
Would Sophie allow Becca to use her house as a ________?
Josh's followers ________(ed) him upon his tragic death.
Austin did not believe that she was _________, and thus left her at the altar.
Hannah considers house elves to be __________, discarding it on the street.
Chloe pays for a butler to be _________ to her.
Michelle is ________ until she can come out of hiding in Canada.
Nikki tries to lead an _________ life, donating money to many different organizations.
The pancakes were ___________, flopping back and forth whilst Shaina tried to eat them.
Ariel's arm fell off leaving her shoulder __________.
Fatima bought a sculpture that was ________ and could not hold its shape.
Courtney has a ________ turtle that often bites her.
Alex jumped down the _______, following the rabbit into wonderland.
Austin's flaccid shield was unaffective as an _______.
Aaron has a _________ sense of humor, he often watches small children die.
The light was _______ in front of her, though she still could not see it.
Chloe _________(ed) the fight with Greg, but Greg hit back.
The calm before the storm was a (an) _________ that told Jackie to get inside.

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