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Separates frontal and parietal bones
The inferior end of the spinal chord
Ligament that goes over the structures of the carpal tunnel
Process located between superior and inferior articular facets
Strand of fibrous tissue attaching end of spinal chord to the coccyx
Lymph nodes of the inguinal region
Middle portion of oviduct
Parts of oviduct closest to ovary
Peritoneum that connects sigmoid colon to abdominal wall
Fibrous sheet that connects radius and ulna
Branches off of left vagus nerve near the aorta and innervates the larynx
Where the ribs articulate with the transverse processes of the vertebrae
Barrier between heart and lungs, fused with diaphragm
Sheath that contains the rectus abdominis within it
Peritoneum that connects uterus to abdominal wall
Pleural recess between the costal pleura and diaphragmatic pleura
Branches off subclavian artery and suplies the anterior intercostal arteries
Fossa of back of knee
Part of ethmoid bone that transmits olfactory nerves
Muscle from spinous processes and nuchal ligament to the mastoid processes
Ligament that suspends spinal chord in dural sac
Term for the urethra as it goes through the prostate
The most inferior processes of the spenoid bone
Veins of the space between the dura mater and the edge of ths spinal column
Point where the two parietal bones come together with the occipital bone
Forearm muscle that flexes the fingers
Fascia between extrinsic and intrinsic back muscles
Connects the liver to the abdominal wall
Muscle that connects first rib to clavicle
Runs down midline of abdomen, formed by fusion of the aponeuroses of abdominal muscles
Ligament that connects laminae of vertebrae
Artery that branches off axillary artery and goes up to deltoid and acromion
Junction between parietal bone, temporal bone, sphenoid bone, and fronal bone
Separates parietal and temporal bones from occipital bone
Become the femoral vessels inferior to the inguinal ligament
Continuation of anterior tibial artery over dorsum of foot
The bone located at the caudal portion of the roof of the mouth
Lateral branch of sciatic nerve
Peritoneum that connects transverse colon to abdominal wall
Separates the greater and lesser sacs
Cartilagenous joint that connects sphenoid and occipital bones
Muscles deep to the sternum and ribs
End of the oviduct
Space between the dura matter and the edge of the spinal column
Separates temporal and parietal bones
The only coronary artery we need to know
Gives rise to the biceps brachii and is located on the humerus
Most superior part of tibia
Pleural recess between the mediastinal pleura and the costal pleura
Drains posterior intercostal veins and empties into superior vena cava
Where the two parietal bones come together with the frontal bone
Muscles that go from the transverse processes to the ribs
The part of the sphenoid that gives rise to the tentorium cerebelli
Foramen formed by the ischium and pubis bones
Nerve roots at inferior end of spinal chord
Where the ribs articulate with the body of the vertebrae
Part of ethmoid bone that gives attachment to falx cerebri
Part of rib that articulates with transverse process of vertebrae
The round end of the ligament that connects the liver to the abdominal wall
Ligament that connects spinous processes and becomes nuchal ligament

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