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Can you name the Transformers character names based on comparisons between two continuities?

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In 'Armada', he is the focus of the episode 'Underground'; in 'Prime', he is the focus of the episode 'New Recruit'
In 'Robots in Disguise (2001)', he is an old friend of Ironhide; in 'Energon', he admires Galvatron
In 'Generation 1', he is a Constructicon; in 'Armada', he is an Autobot in Constructicon colours
In 'Generation 1', he was killed and returned as a ghost; in 'Beast Wars II', he was mutated into a Cyborg Beast
In 'Generation 1', his inventions often cause trouble for the Autobots unintentionally; in 'Armada', he has left the Autobots and fights them in revenge
In 'Generation 1', he is played by Scatman Crothers; in 'Animated', he is played by Phil LaMarr
In 'Generation 1', he is the combined form of the Predacons; in 'Prime', he is the leader of the Predacons
In 'Generation 1', he is a comrade of Slag; in 'Animated', he doesn't like being called 'Slag'
In 'Generation 1', his toy was made from Sideswipe's; in 'Cybertron', his toy was used to make Cannonball
In 'Beast Wars', he took his name from the Covenant of Primus; in 'Prime', he took his name from one of the Thirteen
In 'Generation 1', he stores cassette Transformers in his chest; in 'Cybertron', one of his bombs transforms into his subordinate
In 'Cybertron', he is from Velocitron; in 'Animated', he was created on Earth
In 'Generation 1', he once made a football coach his strategist; in 'Animated', he once sang 'The Itsy-Bitsy Spider'
In 'Energon', he is male and there are lots of him; in 'Robots in Disguise (2015)', she is the only female in the team that forms Ultra Bee
In 'Armada', he is Optimus's Mini-Con; in 'Animated', he is Sari's dog
In 'Robots in Disguise (2001)', his Japanese name is 'Ox'; in 'Energon', his Japanese name is 'Roadbuster'
In 'Robots in Disguise (2001)', he leads the Decepticons; in 'Cybertron', he leads the inhabitants of Jungle Planet
In 'Generation 1', he is a city-bot; in 'Cybertron', he is just big
In 'Generation 1', he is known in the fandom as a Conehead; in 'Armada', he is occasionally referred to as 'Squidhead'
In 'Generation 1', he has sonic boom powers; in 'Cybertron', he likes to make up dramatic-sounding names for his attacks
In 'Generation 1', he is a strategist; in 'Animated', he is a ninja
In 'Generation 1', he is a Dinobot; in 'Robots in Disguise (2001)', he is a member of the Build Team
In 'Robots in Disguise (2001)', he combines with Ultra Magnus; in 'Cybertron', he combines with Wing Saber
In 'Energon', his team includes Prowl and Landmine; in 'Animated', his team includes Red Alert and Hot Shot
In 'Energon', he is an old helicopter; in 'Animated', he is a young van
In 'Animated', he never stops talking; in the live-action movies, he is unable to speak
In 'Generation 1', he was killed by Starscream in the movie; in the live-action movies, he was killed by Lockdown
In 'Generation 1', he is loyal to Red Alert; in 'Beast Wars', he is subservient to Megatron
In 'Energon', she is a white Omnicon; in 'Prime', she is a blue Autobot
In 'Generation 1', he is Quickswitch's father; in 'Energon', he is Shockblast's brother
In 'Robots in Disguise (2001)', he works with R.E.V.; in 'Armada', he works with Jolt
In 'Generation 1', he is a combiner formed from a team led by Motormaster; in 'Cybertron', he makes use of a Mini-Con partner named Heavy Load
In 'Generation 1', Unicron created him from Bombshell or Skywarp; in 'Energon', he was rebuilt into Snow Cat using Unicron's essence
In 'Generation 1', he is known for his fear of heights; in 'Beast Wars', he is known for his ideals of chivalry
In 'Beast Wars', she has been both Maximal and Predacon; in 'Animated', she has been both Autobot and Decepticon
In 'Beast Wars', he is second-in-command of the Predacons; in 'Energon', he is the leader of the Terrorcons

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