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'Barracuda' and 'These Dreams' are certainly not alone on the charts when it comes to songs from these sisters from Seattle.
Best-known songs include 'Piece of My Heart' and 'Me and Bobby McGee' - one of the first rock stars to sport a tattoo.
Known for her marriage and drug issues as much as her music, this singer counts 'Violet' and 'Celebrity Skin' among her hit singles.
This singer had a landslide of hits in the 70s, as well as a successful solo career into the 80s. 'Edge of Seventeen' and 'Rhiannon' are among her hits.
'California Dreamin' and 'Monday, Monday' are songs this singer was involved with. Despite a popular urban legend, her death was not the result of choking on a ham sandwich.
Don't pretend you don't know this singer, whose songs 'Brass in Pocket' and 'I'll Stand by You' are part of her claim to fame.
No longer just a girl, 'Spiderwebs' and 'The Sweet Escape' are among this singer's well-known tunes.
Heaven is a place on earth for this singer, who counts 'Vacation' and 'We Got the Beat' among her hit singles.
'Heart of Glass' and 'The Tide is High' are among the popular songs from this blondie.
This singer may have a bad reputation, but 'I Love Rock 'n Roll' and 'I Hate Myself for Loving You' found success.
'Somebody to Love' and 'White Rabbit' are among the classic songs sung by this vocalist. Less beloved: 'We Built This City'
Bass player & guitarist whose best-known vocal performances included 'Gigantic' in one band and 'Canonball' in another. She's kind of a big deal.
While her music may have fallen from the charts, songs such as 'Bring Me to Life' and 'My Immortal' were once popular songs featuring this singer.
'Hit Me with Your Best Shot' and 'Love is a Battlefield' are among the songs released by this heartbreaker.
'Gloria' and 'Because the Night' are among the best-known songs from this singer. 'Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine.'
Anyone worth their salt knows these ladies, who had hits with 'Seether' and 'Volcano Girls' in the 90s.
Scottish singer known for 'I'm Only Happy When It Rains' and 'I Think I'm Paranoid' - she is far from trash.

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