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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this Ringo Starr-themed Word Ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Ringo's pre-Beatles band: ____ Storm and the Hurricanes
Pixar film: Finding ____
Pejorative term for a socially inept person
Lacking in light
Tree covering
Ringo song: ____ Off Boogaloo
Ringo's 2nd wife: Barbara ____
Measure of speed relative to the speed of sound
Pepper spray
Location of eyes, nose and mouth
Cost to ride the bus
Poet, such as Shakespeare
Ringo's group: All-Starr ____
Villain who 'broke the Bat'
Femur or tibia
The shape of a dunce cap
Ringo song: It Don't ____ Easy
Building roof consisting of a half-sphere
10 cents
Eat food or entertain others for dinner
Hint4-Letter Word
Person from Denmark
Female equivalent of a knight
Ringo's real one is Richard Starkey
Port town in Alaska
Not all, but not none
Mentally sound
One of the primary trigonometric functions
Location, such as a place of construction
Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, etc.
Beatles song: ____ a Little Help From My Friends
Awareness, judgment or intelligence
Emerges victorious
Small metal containers
Thousands of pounds
Woody, Buzz Lightyear, etc.
Beatles song featuring Ringo on vocals: ____
Supervisor or manager
4-stringed guitar with a deep pitch
Beatles song: Don't ____ Me By

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