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Can you name these words without confusing them for swear words?

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ClueWordWord Pattern
This word was used several times in Pulp Fiction. You certainly wouldn't call Bruce Willis' character a wimp.Begins with B
Ends with TCH
Don't turn red when you hear this word. Often involves something getting wet during a firey situation.Begins with F
Ends with CK
She looked at Big Ben and realized she'd never seen one so big.Begins with C
Ends with CK
Get back to work and put things together, rather than calling your boss names.Begins with ASS
Ends with LE
I called him this because I thought he was silly and foolish.Begins with TW
Ends with T
I was surprised to hear this from Benedictine Monks in the 90s.Begins with C
Ends with NT
People who enroll in college are sometimes called this.Multi-syllable word
Begins with M
Ends with R
One of these babies is often filled with milk.Begins with T
Ends with T
ClueWordWord Pattern
What a fruit!Begins with F
Ends with G
'Look at my _______ clothes! The dryer is broken again!'Begins with DAM
One syllable
At first I was offended when he told me to go there, but sure enough, that's where I left my other shoe.Begins with H
Ends with LL
Quite the fowl word.Begins with D
Ends in CK
He was very proper and afraid to offend anyone, so I called him this.Begins with P
Ends with SSY
How am I supposed to prepare the turkey when jerks keep hiding things in the kitchen?Begins with BAS
Two syllables
The bullet barely missed my leg. Still _______ my pants though.Begins with SH
Ends with T

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