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Position Dominique was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 1983
Pierce or drill
Spin rapidly
Makes a low, continuous sound
Crisps, to a Brit
English gents
Talks casually
Layers of paint
Fence holders
USB, ethernet and serial
Individual components
Leaves a car in a space
Wilkins' primary team: Atlanta _____
'Big' actor Tom
Chops with an axe
Has a dearth of
One's appearance
Prepares a meal
Chicken houses
Clunking sounds, such as horse's hooves
Wilkins' Los Angeles team (abbrev.)
What a fan sometimes does when Wilkins scores
Edible mollusks
Dunks, as Dominique often did
Joints where pieces of fabric are sewn together
Navy special operations force
What she does with sea shells by the sea shore
Basic building blocks of life
Wilkins' Boston team (abbrev.)
Becomes liquid
Beef, pork and poultry
Where basketball fans sit
Retail chain founded in 1886
Fights for training purposes
Wilkins' San Antonio team
Goes bad, like milk or a failing marriage
Flies high above, like a hawk
Pours water on
Bill Clinton's pet cat
Fires from a job
Dog vocalizations
Wahlberg, Twain and Eaton
Tribe in northwest Mali
1999 Blondie hit single
1988 Ramones compilation: Ramones _____
Wilkins' final NBA team: Orlando _____

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