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Can you name the expansions, relocations, mergers, etc. that shaped the current team makeup of the NBA?

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Forced Order
The original teams were the Washington Capitols, Philadelphia Warriors, New York Knicks, Providence Steam Rollers, Boston Celtics, Toronto Huskies, Chicago Stags, St. Louis Bombers, Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons & Pittsburgh Ironmen.
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1946: This 11-team league is founded as a precursor to the NBA
1947: The Huskies, Rebels, Falcons & Ironmen all fold. This new team joins the league
1948: 4 teams join after defecting from a rival league. Name any one of them (team nickname only)
1949: The league becomes the National Basketball Association (NBA) after merging with this rival league
1949: Name any one of the six teams that joined the NBA in the merger (team nickname only)
1949: The Jets and Steam Rollers both fold, but this new team immediately replaces the Jets in Indianapolis
1950: With the newly formed league still in turmoil, 6 teams fold. Name any one of those teams (team nickname only)
1951: This original team founded in 1946 folds
1951: The Tri-Cities Blackhawks move to Milwaukee and become this team
1953: This short-lived team folds after only a few seasons in Indianapolis
1954: The only now-defunct team with an NBA title, this Baltimore team folds
1955: Milwaukee's team moves to this city
1957: The Royals and Pistons both move. Name either city these teams moved to
1960: The Lakers move to this west coast city
1961: This expansion team is founded in Chicago
1962: After only one season, the Chicago franchise changes their name to this
1962: The Warriors move to this west coast city
1963: The Chicago franchise makes another change, moving and taking the same name as this former NBA team
1963: The Syracuse Nationals move, filling the void in Philadelphia under this new name
1966: This expansion team begins play in Chicago
1967: Two new expansion teams begin play. Name either one of them
1968: The Hawks take flight and land in this southern City
1968: Additional expansion creates these 2 new teams
1970: The league continues to grow, adding three new teams. Name any one of them (team nickname only)
1971: The Warriors move across the bay and take on this new location name
1971: The Rockets move to this Texas city
1972: The Royals move, splitting time between two cities and taking on this new name
1973: The Bullets move down the road and take on this location name
1974: The Bullets stay put, but change their location name to this after only one season
1974: Additional expansion, as New Orleans gets a team known by this name
1975: The Kings decide to no longer split home games between two cities and become known by this location name
1976: A failing rival league ceases operations and merges with the NBA. Name this rival league
1976: Four surviving teams join the NBA in the merger. Name any one of these teams (team nickname only)
1977: One of New York's teams moves across the Hudson River and takes on this location name
1978: The Buffalo Braves move across the country and become known as this team
1979: The New Orleans franchise moves and takes on this new location name
1980: Expansion adds a third Texas team, known by this name
1984: The Clippers move north to this city
1985: The Kings move to this west coast city
1988: A new expansion program brings these two teams into the league (name either one)
1989: Two more teams join as part of the expansion program, name either of these teams
1995: NBA expands into Canada for the first time since the 1940s. Name either of the two new teams
1997: The Bullets, citing concerns of inner city violence, change their name to this
2001: The Grizzlies move to this city
2002: The Hornets move to this city
2004: This expansion/replacement team begins play
2005-2007: Due to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, the Hornets temporarily play home games in this city
2008: The Sonics move and become known as this team
2012: The Nets move back across the Hudson River and take on the location name of this NYC borough
2013: Under new ownership, the New Orleans franchise takes on this new name
2014: The Bobcats purchase the rights to the name, colors, logo and pre-2002 history of the original Charlotte franchise, reclaiming this name

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