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Geographic location of Karl Malone's primary team
University of Tasmania (abbrev.)
University of Utah sports nickname
Adapts for a purpose
Wild oxen
Spanish for three
Pegs for driving golf balls
Slang for investigators
Malone's college, Louisiana ____ University
Instrument measuring RPMs (abbrev.)
Speed measurement relative to the speed of sound
Former baseball player/coach Connie ____
Malone's former teammate ____ Eaton
Covering for one's face
Duty to be completed
Malone often did this quietly to himself while shooting free throws
One could say it describes Malone's height
Rear appendage common in animals
Karl's nickname: The ____man
A large retail complex
Grind by mechanical means
Slang for an attractive, usually older, mother of children
Displease or bother
Very short time period
Malone's former teammates ____ Hornacek or ____ Malone (unrelated)
Cereal grass
Of excellent quality
Acquire by payment of money
Style one's hair
Penny or dime or quarter
Bring together or become a member of
Malone's teammate ____ Stockton
Grammy-winning singer Marc ____
Eric Cartman's alter ego
Center of an apple
Of little abundance
Severe anger
Burn down or destroy
Make fun off
Nickname of Malone's primary team

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