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Can you guess the 4-letter words in this LeBron James themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Team that drafted LeBron (abbr.)
Spelunking excursion spot
Stalk of sugar grass
Unable or unwilling
A US penny
Mailed a letter or package
Function of a chair
LeBron's team for four seasons
To defeat or cause bodily harm
The most excellent, such as a championship team
A draft pick that doesn't work out, like the Cavs' Luke Jackson
Name shared by two U.S. presidents
LeBron's Miami teammate Chris ____
Not one or the other; two together
Relaxing in a tub
A big party
Neutralizes an acid
Primary use of an oven
Arise from slumber
LeBron's Miami teammate Dwyane ____
Hint4-Letter Word
Containing a great measurement
One of the Cavaliers' primary team colors
Where LeBron shoots free throws
Like a band in concert
LeBron's Cleveland teammate Kevin ____
To score fewer points than the other team
Major audio electronics company
Manager or supervisor
John Entwistle had one
Force = ____ x acceleraton
Tools one might use to navigate around Cleveland or Miami
LeBron has won 4 of these awards so far
Cleans the floor
Members of a 60s subculture
Method or manner of performing a task
Number pattern for an alarm or access panel
Center of the earth
Provide special assistance
LeBron's Cleveland team (abbrev.)

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