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State where Garnett's Timberwolves play (abbrev.)
Fresh-tasting, like many gums or toothpastes
Altoids, etc.
Excavations for gold or other resources
Levies sometimes given out by the league office
Tools for smoothing out fingernails
Pours into a container
Smith, Ferrell and Forte
Structural barriers between rooms
Garnett's T-Wolves teammate: _____ Szczerbiak
Fictional chocolatier Wonka
Foolish or ridiculous
Slabs of wood in windows or doorways
Offers goods for money
Basic biological units of life
Garnett's Boston team (abbrev.)
Indianapolis NFL team
Financial requirements of purchases or services
Molds steel or other molten metals
Tilts or slants
Division of a long poem
Former Portuguese monetary unit
Individually owned apartment within a complex
Garnett's Boston teammate: Rajon _____
1992 Ramones album: _____ Bizarro
Mongolian monetary unit
Juicy fruit native to South Asia
Latin-American dance
Fruit drink packets used by NASA, among others
Armored military vehicles
Short nails used as fasteners
Does not possess a sufficient amount
Devices for securing windows or doors
Directs gaze
Bound pages of information
Protective clothing worn on the feet
Spots or stains, usually in ink
Garnett did this to a shot over 2,000 times
Slow cooker pot
Thief or fraudster
Garnett's Brooklyn Nets teammate: _____ Lopez
Wrestler and UFC fighter: _____ Lesnar
Long garment, such as a dress or robe
A group of birds in flight
Criticism or abuse
Part of rope that is not held taut
Place objects on top of each other
Iron Man's last name
What Garnett and many of his teammates were
Chars the surface or outside, such as a steak
Aquatic mammals or Grammy-winning singers
Garnett's deceased friend and teammate: Malik _____

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