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College where Durant played NCAA basketball
Written messages exchanged via cell phone
Final exams and midterms
Fabric shelters for camping
Films for darkening windows
Prongs of a fork
Shades of color or timbre of musical notes
Basil, Braxton and Kukoc
Carbonated water often mixed with gin
Seattle team who drafted Durant: Seattle Super_____s
Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor
Hindu castes traditionally made of goldsmiths
37.99 decibels = 2 _____
Darth Vader voice actor James Earl _____
Goodall, Fonda and Lynch
Durant's former OKC Thunder teammate: _____ Harden
Competitions for fun, such as Monopoly or basketball
Hinged openings in fences
Prices charged for something, such as tickets to see basketball
Belmont Stakes and Daytona 500
Shelves for placement of items in a framework
Specialty of Reggie White & Michael Strahan
Covering for feet
Drenches in liquid
Flies high and free
Distant lights in the night sky
Gaze intently
Durant's current team: Golden _____ Warriors
Smooth metamorphic rock
Narrow strips of wood or metal
Strikes with the palm of the hand
Falls on ice
Tricks performed by a gymnast or acrobat
Propels through the air
Potato strips cooked in oil
How the above potato strips are cooked
Released from bonds
Desire for excess money, goods or power
Durant's Warriors teammate: Draymond _____
Basketball announcer Mike, who often covers the NBA Finals
Mate and produce offspring
Rocky rival Apollo
Screamed or called out
Sheds tears
Makes an attempt
Vacations to faraway places
Holds tightly
Obtains or increases in amount
Aches or soreness, such as after a tough game
Jordan and Pippen, Magic and Kareem... Curry and Durant?
Strands of keratin growing from follicles
Perilous or dangerous; _____ situation
Truman, Houdini or Potter
Move quickly, often with purpose
Durant's Warriors teammate: Stephen _____

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