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Can you name the 4-letter words to complete this John Lennon-themed Word Ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
1965 Beatles film & song
Website for customer reviews
Where Timmy fell in a Lassie episode (but not really)
Pink Floyd: The ____
'Lotus Flower Bomb' rapper
Manufactured good for sale
Rival to the tortoise
At the present location
Lennon song: Working Class ____
Played the fiddle while Rome burned
Stereotype of an intelligent but socially inept person
A group of cows or deer
Beatle's song & film: A ____ Day's Night
In association football, it might be yellow or red
Provide assistance or affection
Beatles song: ____ Together
Small inlet or bay
Beatles song: All You Need is ____
In concert
Beatles song: A Day in the ____
Hint4-Letter Word
Cynthia was John's first
Alcoholic beverage made from grapes
To eat, often in a formal setting
Jump into a pool or body of water
Lennon song: ____ Peace a Chance
Handed over, as in a gift
Ctrl + S
Of sound mind
Without, often used in describing fonts
Members of the U.S. Senate, for short
Mediterranean, Caribbean, Baltic, etc.
Lennon's sons: Julian and ____
Surname of a Rowan Atkinson character
Arthur and Nettles
Mechanical droids
Dorothy's dog
Japanese tire manufacturer
Popular stringed toy
Lennon's 2nd wife: ____ Ono

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