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Dallas team that drafted Jason Kidd (abbrev.)
Items for wiping feet
Hair on a horse's neck
A cause of great distress or annoyance
Place to deposit money
What Kidd did to many 3-point shots
Network storage devices
Kidd's Phoenix team
Catholic sisters
Peanuts, cashews and almonds
Kidd's New Jersey team
Game show: ____ Make a Deal
Fewer in quantity
Force = ____ x Acceleration
Halloween attire
Mavericks owner: ____ Cuban
Insufficient light
Kidd's teammate during his 2nd Dallas stint: ____ Nowitzki
Soil, earth, etc.
Urgent or serious
Offer a job
Current location
Group of animals
Miami team Kidd defeated for his only NBA title
Straight scotch, without the rocks
A bird's home
Top of the field, as Kidd was among point guards
Orion has one
Actress Kristen, inventor Alexander Graham or basketball player Raja
A member of Chicago's NBA team
Large amounts, such as items sold in wholesale stores
Team that hired Kidd as a coach: Milwaukee ____s
Throw with force
Large, strong man
Music genre associated with grooving bass lines
Contemptible person
Knot in a hose
People's collective relatives
Pressing together of pursed lips
Subject of this ladder (last name)

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