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Tim Duncan's team: San Antonio ____s
Drove fast
Duncan's team was often a high one in the playoff bracket
Mail a letter or package
Mind a garden
Jo Jo White, Walt Frazier and Mookie Blaylock
Thousands of pounds
Duncan's teammate: ____ Parker
Leave a message after it
Femur or Ulna
Gentleman spy James
The Beatles or Stones
Hourglass contents
Uttered or spoke
Did as a car on an icy road
Skinny, thin
Tim's sister Tricia did this in the 1988 Summer Olympics
Washer or thin piece of material to fill a gap
Farce or scam
Joint in clothing where stitches meat
Chair or sofa
Team Duncan faced twice in the NBA Finals: Miami _____
Defeat an opponent, as Duncan often did
Curved at an angle
Strip of leather for holding up pants
Largest city in Maryland (abbrev.)
Baseball pitcher fake pitch
Developer of the polio vaccine
Fell to the bottom of the ocean
Duncan often shot off the backboard, known as a ____ shot
Exceptionally strong Batman villain
Hair on the neck of a lion or horse
Express sorrow or regret
List of options in a restaurant
Duncan's teammate: ____ Ginobili
'It's a ____ world'
Pages in an atlas
Duncan won 2 of these awards
Tools for cleaning floors
Slang for father or an old man
Francis or John Paul II
Post for a flag
Heap of objects
Computer document
Punitive fee
Number of championships won by Tim Duncan

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