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Team that drafted Nowitzki: Milwaukee ____s
Opposite of front
Sometimes left on a teacher's chair
Parasitic arachnid and comic book hero
Small cut while shaving
Not mean
Position Nowitzki was drafted in 1998
Trigonometric function
7 of them are deadly
Rests on one's behind
Punches or strikes
Headwear sometimes worn by Dallas (and other) fans
Pads for wiping feet and welcoming visitors
Large crowd
TV show starring Alan Alda
Former Nowitzki teammate: Steve ____
Party, like one Dirk might have attended after being named MVP
The first one is where Albert Pujols plays
Cook using an oven
Create or manufacture
Spray used for self-defense
Computers made by Apple
Dirk's professional team: Dallas ____ (abbrev.)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs hit song
The red planet
Collectible featuring a sports star, such as Dirk Nowitzki
Not easy
A large group of animals
Part of the body containing the primary sensory organs
Team the Mavericks defeated in the 2011 NBA Finals: Miami ____
Mammary gland
Beverages made from leaves and hot water
Large parrots native to New Zealand
Popular brand of canvas sneakers
Former Nowitzki teammate: Jason ____
Nice and/or helpful
Crimp in a hose
Mammal often used for luxurious furs
Darkness or gloom
Mavericks owner and shark tank investor: ____ Cuban

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