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Stephen Curry's team: ____en State Warriors
Provoke or prod into action
One who finishes school with a degree
Like an older person's hair
Fabric worn at the edges
Curry's teammate: ____mond Green
To worship or talk to a deity
What Steph does with a basketball
Semi-hard earthy material
Curry's teammate: ____ Thompson
What a knight does to a dragon
Strip of skin or outer covering
Cloth symbol of a country or region
Straight and level, like a basketball court
Great accomplishment
The length of a basketball court is 94 of them
Charges on a bank statement, for example
Looks or observes
Puts in place
'2 Broke Girls' star: ____ Behrs
Curry's brother, who also plays in the NBA
Drug sold in 'Breaking Bad'
The study of numbers and their relationship
Used for wiping feet at a door, often with the word 'Welcome'
Pages used for navigation or depicting topology
Steph won these awards back-to-back in 2015 & 2016
Tools for cleaning floors
Hats, such as those fans might wear
Steph and his team defeated them several times in the NBA Finals (abbrev.)
Feline companions
Tin or aluminum containers
Unwilling or unable
A penny
Curved, like the 3-point line
Band of material often used to hold up pants
The one in Philadelphia is cracked
Hole in the ground containing oil or water
Steph's father & former NBA player: ____ Curry

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