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Oscar Robertson's primary team: Cincinnati _____s
Pertaining to the immediate area
Plural feminine form of 'crazy' in Spanish
Robertson's Cincinnati teammate: Jerry _____
Blessings of good fortune
Robertson's 2nd NBA team: Milwaukee _____
Assists or supports
Has a less than sufficient amount
Secures a door
Points eyes toward
Slang for the game played by Oscar Robertson
Chicken houses
Plants cultivated for food
Rude or vulgar
Forces into a tight space
Pain or ache
What Oscar was after teaming up with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Primate closely related to humans
Harmonious ringing of bells or tubes
Cut of meat from an animal backbone
A feature of some people, double _____
Taxes paid in produce or livestock
Injuries might result these
Colored area from the free throw line to the basket, where Oscar often scored
Big O had over 26,000 of these: _____s
Knee or elbow
Comes together
Cuts of meat near the bottom of the spine, on either side
Payments of money which must be paid back, usually with interest
Amounts of laundry placed in washing machines
Is at the top of a category, as Oscar often was
Gives money or objects, expecting a return
Fixes or heals a wound
Great _____ think alike
Specific types or forms
Oscar's Cincinnati team is now known as the Sacramento _____
Bird appendages
Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz
Punitive fees
Documents containing information
Pours liquid into
Shatner and Smith
Handle or use effectively
Gridiron or pitch
Diabolical person
Evil spirit or demon
Archaic expression of disgust or disapproval
Position Oscar was drafted in 1960

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