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Pyeonhaetni ne mamsoge Ije nan deo isang eoptneun geoni Nan neol neol saenggakhamyeon Neomu apa apa apa2ne1
Aesseo barae ye aesseo barae iye Aesseo barae aesseun mame geuttaye you and I There's nothing better only youKara
down down we gotta get down down down we gotta get down down down we gotta get down (I wanna come to me girl)Beast
But you better know that I'm not giving you away Will I ever stop waiting no way It'll be the same in my world I'm your boy You're my Girl2pm
Baby jebal geuui soneul japjima Cuz you should be my Lady oraen sigan gidaryeo on nal dorabwajwoTaeyang
Gaseumi sorichyeo marhae jayuro-un nae yeonghon Eonjena cheo-eumui imaeum euro neoreul saranghae georeo watdeon shiganboda nameun nari deo manhaSuper Junior
Say that you always love me nae mameul gobaek halge yo geudaewa hamkke ramyeon on sesange gadeukhanAfter School
Si-si-sistar brave sound (They’re back) Why U play this game? (why?) Why U play this game? (Fool) Why U play this game? (Stupid!)Sistar
Hanadulset geudaega utjyo sumi meojeul geotman gatjyo Geudae misoreul damaseo maeil sarangiran yorihajyo yeongwonhi I love you (Love you) Love you Love you (Love you) Love you yeahKyuhyun
Hilkkeumhilkkeum nal boneun neo nuni darha beorigesseo Eotteokhae eotteokhae Bukkeubukkeu bukkeureopge tturheojyeora chyeodabomyeon Eotteokhae eotteokhaeOrange Caramel
So I hate you (But the love you gave me was so so good) So I love you (But the pain you gave me was so so bad)Wonder Girls
I know I've fallen in love naega naegae odeon nal Hwisaekeuro chilhaebeorin kkuman gatasseo I wanna tell you some gasumeuro hanun mal Wanna love you I wanna hold you chwihandeutan CN Blue
Neol wihae oneuldo nan A plus jashin itgenal kkumyeo A plus Neol bolsurok neon A plus ppajyeo deureosseo A plus Dalkomhan neol bolsurok A plus ni nuneun eonjena A plus Neoreul jeonT-Ara
Michin deushi nunmuri na ireoda na jeongmal Museum il nal geo gata2am
Saranghan geu hanmadi jigeum haejullae Maeil saranghae... naman saranghae... kiseuhae jullae. G.Na

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