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Forced Order
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Who is the main character
What monster did he first fight
What is the second monster he fought
Who is his best friend
What is Tyson
Who stole the master bolt
Who was blamed
Who persuaded Luke to steal it
How many heroes are supposed to go on quests
What cabin number does Annabeth stay in
Who is the last olympian
What monster is released to take down olympus
What is the name of Clarisse's ship
Who is the spy
Who attempted to become the oracle
What does Rachel throw at Kronos/Luke
What marks an entrance to the labyrinth
Who did Daedalus kill
Where does Grover experience the presence of Pan
Where is Talos
Where are Nico and Bianca found
What monster is Artemis hunting
What river does Percy jump into
What animals are in the 'Kindness Inernational' truck? (Alphabetical order)
What does Luke use to almost kill Percy
What school does Percy go to? (Sea of Monsters)
What monster does Clarisse blow up
Who is C.C
Who lives on Ogygia
What releases Thalia from her tree
What does Pan say to Grover at the end of the Titans Curse
Who works for Geryon
What was playing at Westover Hall when Thalia, Annabetha and Percy arrived
What is Dr Thorn
What do the Stoll brothers use to prank Phoebe
How does he first describe Annabeth
What is Daedalus' alias
What does this mean
Who comforts Gabe Ugliano on TV
Who dies on Princess Andromeda when it is blown up
Who is Poseidon's Immortal son
Who puts Manhattan to sleep
What plan number does Annabeth utilise
How does Nico summon the dead
Who is Nico trying to find
What is Pandora's box
What is Annabeth's fathers name
What type of pig attacks Manhattan
Who is the replacement math/pre-algebra teacher
(Hard one to finish on!) What are the names of the Bronze Angels that carry Thalia, Zoe, Grover and Percy to San Francisco

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