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Can you name the words to complete the Terry Jones Monty Python quote?

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Quote (number of words)Words to Complete the QuoteCharacter
Shut up! You can't have egg, bacon, _____ and sausage without the ______! (1 word two times)Waitress
Oh Ken, be careful! You know what he's like after a few _____! (1)Mum
But I don't want any of that. I'd rather [...] I'd rather just ______! (1)Prince Herbert
______. The Reverend Grundy bit the ceiling. (4)The Bishop
We use only the finest ______, dew picked and flown from Iraq. (2)Milton
But don't worry too much about the ____ next time, all right? (1)Mrs. Cohen
Look, are you _______ something? (1)Him (Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more)
Ooh, Confuse-a-____ Limited! (1)Mrs. B
I've had one for some time, but a few years ago I said I was thinking of getting another one, and since then some people have called me _______ (2)Arthur Jackson
Quote (number of words)Words to Complete the QuoteCharacter
Like say, he don't feel the army's playing fair by him, he may start ______, colonel. (2)Dino Vercotti
Now these mice are so arranged upon this rack that when played in the correct order, they will squeak '___________.' (5)Arthur Ewing
But why do they think they're ______? (1)City Gent (observing sheep)
Who are you who are so wise in the ways of _____? (1)Sir Bedivere
'Ere, get off. I'm not taking me ______ off on television. Who do you think I am? (1)Arthur Frampton, the Man With Three Buttocks
I'm a little bit sad and lonely/Now my baby's _______. (2)Sergeant Duckie
Well, you see Scottishness starts with little things like that, and works up. You see, people don't just turn into a _____ for no reason at all. (1)Inspector
Well, er, smoking's been taxed, drinking's been taxed, but not...______. (1)Third Official

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