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Can you name the words to complete the Eric Idle Monty Python quote?

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QuoteMissing wordsCharacter
A shroe, a shroe, my _____ for a shroe. (1 word)The Man Who Talks Entirely in Anagrams
Life's a piece of s**t, _______. (5 words)Crucifixion man
Yes, and there's me with ________, I mean what'll I do? (4 words)Second Hermit
My car was hit by a _____ while standing in the garage. (1 word)Vicar
________, 'he asked him knowingly.' (1 word)Norman
What's brown and sounds like a bell? ______! (1 word)Arthur Name
I'm sorry, I can't say the letter '_.' (1 letter)Mr. Smoke-Too-Much
Ten for that, __________ mad! (3 words)Merchant/Haggler
I could get a divorce, I suppose, but it'll be ________. (5 words)Registrar
That's enough ________ for now, lads. (1 word)Sir Robin
QuoteMissing wordsCharacter
One day you'll realize there's more to life than _________! There's dirt, and smoke, and good, honest sweat! (1 word)Ken the coal miner
You hate him, then you respect him, then you _____. (2 words)Roy Spim
No sir, I'm not a pacifist sir. I'm ______. (2 words)Watkins
This here's the wattle-the emblem of our land. You can stick it in a bottle or __________. (7 words)First Bruce
It's my right as a man [...] I want to have _____. (1 word) Stan/Loretta
Last year we did our extremely popular reenactment of ______. (3 words)Miss Rita Fairbanks
Well, there's a swing here to the Silly Party, but how big a swing _______. (6 words)Gerald
Will you show these 20 good people to the, er, _______, please? (2 words)Mr. Verity
Even those who _____ are under considerable economic stress during this period of history. (4)Roger the Shrubber

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