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Who says, 'But I don't have any tools?'
What were curtains, handkerchiefs, and clothing for the poor made out of?
How much does the guitar with mother of pearl inlays cost?
What's the nicest present anyone ever tried to give Ma?
Quicker to get back if we ____ on the ice.
Who's the leader of the River Bottom Gang?
Who wins the talent contest?
Finish Pa's quote: 'Because I never cut it down...'
What was Pa's profession?
Name one of the instruments in the jug band.
Who said all they needed was 'Well, that little somethin' extra?'
'Head full of good stuff, belly full of grub, money in your pocket when...'
What do Wendell and Emmet mend for Old Lady Possum?
What did Pa build?
When you pass the hat to fish, all you get is...
Half of 50 cents...
'Since it's only three days 'til Christmas, I'd really appreciate it if you'd...'
What does Ma keep borrowing from Hetty Muskrat?
What does Wendell request from Doc Bullfrog's restaurant?
Chuck's not hungry, he's:
What does Ma hock to buy fabric for her dress?
What does Emmet put a hole in?
What stays there forever if you ever get it under your nails?
Who says, 'We want this show to look professional?'
What's the name of the town where Ma and Emmett live?

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