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CharactersTitle of SpecialQuote from Show
Emmet, Ma, Wendell, ChuckIt just needs...well...that little somethin' extra.
Sally, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder We have to get on with our play!
Bumble, Yukon Cornelius, Herbie Silver and gold...
Kermit, Miss Piggy, Sprocket, Swedish Chef, Big BirdIt's cold enough to freeze your winnebago!
Siegfried, James, Helen, Tristan, donkey, gypsiesGod rest ye MERRY, gentlemen!
Frosty, orange magician, cold girlHappy Birthday!
T-Rex, Irma Gobb, Salvation Army bandChristmas socks...
Tom, Barbara, Margot, JerryChristmas has been cancelled.
CharactersTitle of SpecialQuote from Show
Kris Kringle, Jessica, Burgermeister MeisterburgerYou better watch out, you better not cry.
D.W., Buster, Uncle Fred, BinkyYou're...almost perfect, honey.
Ralphie, Dad, Mom, screaming brotherYou'll shoot your eye out!
George, Mary, Clarence, Uncle BillyThis is a very interesting situation.
Jim, Ted, Linda, MamieI could say that you're homely, just as homely as pie.
Addie, Grandma, Carla Mae, DadTanya Smithers is my worst friend.
John Boy, Miss Mamie, Miss Emily, Rev. HawthorneYou take that out yonder and POUR it on the ground!

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