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What does D.W. want for Christmas?
What's one of the desserts that Binky makes?
Name one of the foods Dad makes for Christmas dinner.
What holiday keeps Francine from going to Muffy's Christmas party?
What does George bring for holiday show and tell?
What holiday does Brain celebrate?
Where do Buster and Mrs. Baxter go for brunch?
What holiday does Buster create?
What band plays at Muffy's Christmas party?
Where does Uncle Fred work?
What's Uncle Fred's dog's name?
What does Arthur get his mom for Christmas?
What award does Grandma Thora give Arthur in his fantasy?
What does Buster's mom give him for Christmas?
What do the Crosswires bring the Frenskys on Christmas?
What do the Frenskys eat on Christmas?
What do the Frenskys always do on Christmas?
Where does Binky volunteer on Christmas Day?
What gift does Uncle Fred substitute for Arthur's broken glass bird?
Who calls Arthur a doofus in his fantasy?
Where does Uncle Fred plan to go for Christmas?
Name one of the people who runs over the Reads' fence.
What does Arthur give Dad?
What do three other people give Dad?
Who does D.W. think she sees in the bathroom?
Who is the only character ever to be seen peeing?
What does D.W. get from Santa?
Which candy cane does Arthur need to get back to at the mall?
Who trades squeaky toys at the end?
Nothing is more of an eyesore than ____.

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