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Forced Order
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Who is the main character?
Which Weasley twin dies?
Who were the Seven DADA teachers?
Who were the seven potters?
Who shot of Georges ear?
Who Killed Fred Weasley
Who is the new permanent Minister?
Who was possesd by Tom Riddle in Harrys second year?
Who was the Prisoner of Azkaban?
Who was the third Triwizard champion?
Who killed Dumbledore?
Which book had the most deaths?
How many Deathly Hallows were there?
What were they?
Who were Harry's parents?
Who are Harry's aunt and uncle?
What is Harry's signature spell?
What is the killing curse?
What is the torture curse?
What is the controlling curse?
What is the summoning charm?
What spell destroys things?
What spell repairs them?
Who killed Lupin?
Who killed Tonks?

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