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Forced Order
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Main Character
Main Character's best friend
Smartest of the Trio
Main Characters nemesis
Cronie 1
Cronie 2
Weasley Father
Weasley Mother
Eldest Weasley Child
Weasley who studies dragons
Annoying Git Weasley Brother
Weasley Twin 1
Weasley Twin 2
Youngest Weasley; Girl
He Always Makes Things Blow-up
He is so Forgetful
Smart black guy
Hermiones date to the Yule Ball
Bills future wife
Cho Changs date to the Yule Ball
Harrys Godfather
Metamorphmagus whos in the order
Werewolf teacher in Harrys third year
Character with a Magical-eye
Moody Impersonator in fourth book
Harrys Uncle
Harrys Aunt
Harrys Cousin
Squib who lives on Privet Drive
Hogwarts Squib Caretaker
Headmaster Books 1-6
Deputy Headmisstress/Transfuguration Teacher
Potions Master Books 1-5
Potions Master Books 6-7
Werewolf Death-Eater
Most Loyal female Death-Eater
Malfoys Mother
Malfoys Father
Voldemorts Snake
Patil Twin 1
Patil Twin 2
Strange Ravenclaw Girl
Her Father
Peverell who got the Elder Wand
Peverell who got the Resurrection Stone
Peverell who got the Invisibility Cloak
Herbology Professor
Charms Professor
Divination Professor
History of Magic Professor
DADA Professor Year 1
DADA Professor Year 2
DADA Professor Year 5
DADA Professor Year 6
(Defense Against) The Dark Arts Professor Year 7
Muggle Studies Professor Years 1-6
Muggle Studies Professor Year 7
Gryffindor Resident House Ghost
Hufflepuff Resident House Ghost
Ravenclaw Resident House Ghost
Slytherin Resident House Ghost
Ghost of the Girls Lavatory
Hogwarts Poltergeist
Gryffindor House Founder
Hufflepuff House Founder
Ravenclaw House Founder
Slytherin House Founder

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