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Can you name the UK Prime Ministers by their Spouses?

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SpousePrime Minister
Mary Wortley Montagu
Phillip _____
Audrey Moulton
Annie Robley
Sarah Hobart
Beatrice Beckett, Clarissa Spencer-Churchill
Mary Ponsonby
Joan Scott
Sophia Carteret, Louisa FitzPatrick
Catherine Shorter, Maria Skerret
Caroline Ponsonby
Emily Lamb
Catherine Glynne
Dorothy Bentinck
Lucy Ridsdale
Hester Grenville
Dorothy Cavendish
Samantha Sheffield
Louisa Hervey, Mary Chester
Elizabeth Wyndham
Charlotte Bruce
Denis _____
Jane Wilson
Harriet Godolphin
Clementine Hozier
SpousePrime Minister
Sarah Macaulay
Anne Pitt
Violet Millar
Charlotte Boyle
Ursula Hammond
Anne de Vere Cole
Adelaide Lister, Frances Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound
Catherine Manners
Elizabeth Alington
Emma Bootle-Wilbraham
Anne Speke
Julia Floyd
Mary Anne Lewis
Georgina Alderson
Catherine Pakenham
Norma Johnson
Cherie Booth
Mary Bright
Margaret Gladstone
Mary Baldwin
Helen Melland, Margot Tennant
Margaret Owen, Frances Stevenson
Hannah de Rothschild
Anne Liddell
Catherine Hamilton, Harriet Douglas

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