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Don't let the world bring you down, there's always hope for the willing
Yeah I want it but no, I don't need it, tell me something sweet to get me by
Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?
I've got the whole world in front of me, I'm not letting go till I say this is my life
Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say
Give me therapy, I'm a watching travesty
Have you ever took a blade to your wrist? Have you been skipping meals?
I'm outside of your window, with my radio
Is it worth it, can you even hear me, standing with your spotlight on me, not enough to feed the hungry
Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?
And will you tell all your friends, you've got your gun to my head
I hear your whispers calling me, I will turn away
It's one, one, one for the money
I'm gonna change you like a remix then I'll raise you like a phoenix
Your time is up now, this is our world!
Look to my eyes, I'm breathing without you
Hey miss murder can I make beauty stay if I take my life?

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