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Can you name the terms or items or anything you know about Dave and Busters?

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Ticket Games
Pacing makes 'hikes' go seriously 
Fishing Bloopers and Price is Right combined 
I am the _______ King! I am the rich man! 
These insects are sooooo annoying that I am going to rush to exterminate 
One coin drop can mean a lot of money 
A ___________ (two words) off the old block... 
1 coin, 5 colors, ticket happy 
A show where Bankers and Tickets collide 
Fast fingers can burn your finger 
I fish to smack it high in the air for distance 
Hoops n' Loops (decode this message) 
Jump to Victory! 
Skill stopper, match 3 to win! 
I am capturing a dinosaur by hitting its teeth 
One coin drop will cause the casino to 'Flush' 
Something you should not cheat in without rolling 
Shiny tokens smoke in the heat 
Go fast, like the wind, because you are a _______. 
Time the green light right to win!  
DING! I am the strongest man or woman alive! 
Hotshots know how to score above 100 points in 45 seconds 
I am testing my skills about standard questions 
A sinking feeling... (play up to 3 coins) 
If not to spin-n-win, maybe this is an alternative (from the TV show) 
Moles don't hide in holes after this unfortunate game 
In-Store Locations
Got a 'spare' ball for that 'split'? 
If you are a fan of Horse Racing, this will be perfect for you 
When it is not standard billiards tables 
I watch a lot of stuff in outer space 
Sometimes virtual reality comes to life in this establishment inside D&B 
Win a lot here, because you are the player 
A old person's favorite game, and also a D&B classic 
Wait till you actually fly a plane here instead of real life 
Go into the ___th Hole, which is 1 above par! 
All your favorites get served here! 
If a certain form of chips were used (not D&B chips) 
Where comedians and people collide 
The 'Redeemer's Corner' 
When trial and error in virtual worlds makes sense 
When not in first life... you are in another ___________ 
Action Games
With extreme caution, your prey is yours 
The cold squad is invisible to you 
Take a machine gun and gun them all down! 
Fast storm approaching 
May the force be with you, always... 
Watch the clock! 
Phoon! (Borderlands reference) 
To 'virtually' act like an officer 
Racing Games
Cold racing with the snowmobiles 
8 player realistic madness of car racing 
Realistic Racing at it's finest with Ferraris 
A game with the 'Tokyo Drift' feel 
A speedy boat racers game 
Karts and 'Shrooms Frenzy 
Who's got the _____________? 
San Francisco and the future of racing 
Role Reversal: Now your the one stopping Tokyo Drift! 
Other Games
It's cool to 'crane reel' one, but TWO? 
Horsing Around without Derby Owners 
Rock out loud to your fans! 
Tabletop with paddles and pucks 
Gobble gobble those fruits n' avoid the ghosts! 
Show me your moves, step by step! 
Spaceships n' Cannons 
Bottled in the mountains... 
Brew of the football days 
The original formula 
How about a nice shot? 
Lighter than other brews 
Warning: Do not mix with Mentos 
Made out of 23 flavors of awesome 
Gives you wings (and powers) 
Clearly, this is not water 
An actor and also a chilled drink 
Store Locations
Location: Northern Arizona 
Location: Southern Arizona 
Location: Southern California  
Location: Southern California  
Location: Northern California 
Location: Southern California 
Location: Mid-east Florida 
Location: Southern Florida 
Location: Central Illinois  
Location: Eastern Maryland 
Location: Central Missouri  
Location: Central Nebraska 
Location: Western New York 
Location: Heart of New York 
Location: Central Oklahoma 
Location: Eastern Pennsylvania 
Location: Northeastern Rhode Island 
Location: Central Tennessee 
Location: Eastern Virginia 
Items in D&B
When you really need a sweet tooth 
A set of these makes more people 'drink' here 
The most valued prize (about 65,000 tickets) 
Quick drinks and logo stamped for drinking 
A portable storage device with the logo 
Nice large collectible for thirsty players 
Colored blue and gold, give them to friends! 
Your standard writing utensil (typical) 
It's cuddly and cute (also big too) 
Colored orange, use to escape into play! 
When you need more chips to escape into play 
When you want a smaller scaled vehicle 
If you want entertainment value to go... 
Facts about D&B
The motto of Dave and Busters 
Another motto of Dave and Busters 
According to site, number of prizes given away each day 
Voted best sandwich according to Facebook 
The currency of D&B used for gaming 
According to sources, apparent takeover of this business 
The location of the Nashville D&B 
According to locations, over how many according to page? 
What costs $15.99 and a 'steal'! 

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