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Can you name the things that have to do with Borderlands?

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Vault Hunter - Hunter 
Vault Hunter - Siren 
Vault Hunter - Soldier 
Vault Hunter - Berserker 
Weapon Vendor/Bus Driver 
Main Characters
'Buy a first aid kit, you won't regret it!' 
The vault key keeper 
Zombie creator (DLC 1) 
Underdome Head/Red Light District (DLC 2/3) 
Administrator of New Haven 
Boss Flavor Text
'Also he has 3 ....' (1st Boss) 
'p.s. you guys aren't friends' 
'shows a finger shaped like a gun' 
'hive of the bird' 
The Real Last Boss 
'turns out he was a bad guy, who knew?'  
'holy motherf***ing s**t!' 
'doesn't like mondays' 
'thats medicinal' 
The best weapons in the game 
High recoil reduction guns 
00100100010101 (lightning guns) 
High accuracy guns 
Highest damage weapons 
Elemental guns 
Extended magazine weapons 
Fast reload speed guns 
Balanced gun styles 
High rate of fire guns 
Ignites a target when hit 
Effective against shields 
Chance of doing bonus damage on hit 
Poisons a target when hit 
Item Quality
Typical low level gun quality 
Found after first quests 
First find: nine-toes 
Extremely rare weapons 
The same as a very powerful gun 
Most powerful guns before DLC 3 
Colored Cyan, most powerful guns 
Moe and Marley 
The Headstone Mine Key Found Here 
Shock Crystal Harvest 
Sledge's Headquarters 
Lucky's Watering Hole 
just type New Haven 
West/East, unlocked after power mission 
Corrosive Crystal Harvest 
I'm on a boat! 
Atlas-swarmed city 
Baron Flynt's Home 
Towards Eridian Promontory 
Home of the Vault Guardians 
The Destroyer destroys here 

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