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Young Mangaka whose dream was to create a successful manga and anime and then he could marry his girlfriend who should be playing the female main character voice.Bakuman
The american football ace of Demon Devil Bats who is the faster player on the field and whose nickname is 'Eyeshield 21'.Eyeshield 21
A boy confined into an island with a pack of bombs wich waspart of a game whose goal was survive, explode and kill the opponents to collect an especific item to leave that place.Btooom
Two antissocial siblings whose only life purpose is playing games. One day a god decided send them to a wolrd where everything is solved by gaming.No game No life
Twin brothers who are santan's sons with a human woman.Ao no Exorcist
He is the prince of sayans and one of the most powerful wariors on the earth. The only things he fears are worms and roller coasters.Dragon Ball
One of the Clow Cards guardian who also is Toya's best friend.Sakura Card Captors
A shinigami girl who temporally borrowed her powers to a boy to save his family from a creature named hollow.Bleach
A boy who has an ability called 'Plunder' which allows him to steal the abilities from other people. He has an older brother and a younger sister.Charlotte
A young cooking chief who goes to a culinary school in order to provide a breakthrough on his cooking skills.Shokugeki no Souma
fierce and temperamental girl who is nicknamed 'Pocket tigress' despite her small hight.Toradora
A spiritual detective who died at the beginning of the anime by saving a little boy who was playing football at the street of being runned over by a car.Yu Yu Hakusho
One of the most powerfull hunters in the wolrd and a member of 'The Twelve Zodiacs' whose codename is 'boar'.HunterxHunter
She is the last japanese descendent on the earth and one of the strongest warriors on battle against the Titans.Shingeki no kiyojin
A samurai who has regrets about the people he killed and swore that wouldn't become a murder again.Samurai X
A high school boy who was obligated to adopt a green haired baby demon and take care of him.Beelzebub
The sagittarius gold saint who put his own life in danger to save athena of being murdered by the sanctuary's great master that was the gemini gold saint.Saint Seya
A teenage boy who was locked into a VRMMORPG and had tocomplete the game to survive.Sword Art Online
He lived 5000 years ago. Nowdays his spirit is is in the millenium puzzle.Yugioh
An experiment who also is a teacher whose classroom is about murder and his students tries to kill him every single day but they always have failure.Assassination classroom
A human who became a ghoul by recieving organs from a female ghoul who has had attacked him.Tokiyo Ghoul
A renegade prince who wants to defeat the Britannia empire by using his Geass.Code Geass
she's the most powerful mage at the guild she belongs. Her nickname is 'titania'.Fairy Tail
Gourmet food provider with blue hair and orange clothes whose pet is a giant white wolf.Toriko
A perverted monk who uses to ask every single young woman he meets to have children with him.Inuyasha
Also known as steel alchemist, his goal is finding the philosopher stone in order to recover his lost leg and arm and also his brother's whole body.Fullmetal Alchemist
He is the best detective in the wolrd. Until the Kira police case, none person had ever seen his face.Death Note
The prince of tennis who spent some years in America and then returns to Japam to take part in a tennis contest and join to the Seigaku tennis club.The prince of tennis
A thirteen year old boy who made a pact with a demon who became his loyal buttler.Kuroshitsuji
Girl who became famous by making pacts with desperate people to revenge their hate whose price is go to the hell when die in exchange for revenge.Jigoku Shoujo
Red haired girl who was part of fanalis family and a slave of a rich man before of being saved by two young boys that became her best friends.Magi: The labirynth of magic
lso known as Vaisravana, is one of the deadliest war gods.Her most commonly known Shinki is Kazuma.Noragami
She is one of the seven deadly sins and has a crush on Meliodas. Her sacred tresaure is called ' the War Hammer Gideon'.Nanatsu no Taizai
A small and ginger haired volleyball player whose dream is to become strong enough to spike past tall blockers, just like the Small Giant once did.Haikiyuu
He is a boxer who used to be bullied by some of his school colleagues.Hajime no Ippo
A boy who was cursed during a fight training on China that can be transformed into a girl when exposed in cold water and turn to be a boy in hot water.Ranma1/2
The basketball ace of Touo school and a member of the Miraculous Generation.Kuroko no Basket
A super hero who is so strong that can beat his worst enemies with just one single punch.One Punch Man
One of the eleven supernovas who made an alliance with Luffy.One Piece
A ninja who lives at the Secret Village of sand and murdered his own mother when he was still a child.Naruto

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