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Can you name this ramdom anime characters by description ?

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A girl who needs capture an amount of cards which were sealed in a book protected by a creature named kerberus.Sakura Card Captors
A swordsman whose dream is to become the strongest. His direction sense is terrible and he owns three swords.One Piece
A rich and extremely proud girl who is also a good cooking chief and is famous by having a very sensitive tongue capable to identify and judge any kind of food or dish.Shokugeki no Souma
A god who don't have a temple and is barely known. The only people who know him are a girl and a boy that is also his weapon.Noragami
One of Yusuke's best friends who is incredibly smart and manipulates plants. His true form is a fox demon.Yu Yu Hakusho
The seven deadly sins' leader who is quite womanizer but extremely strong. He is frequently mistaken with a child because of his young appearence.Nanatsu no Taizai
A god who sent two siblings to a world where any kind of thing is solved by playing games.No Game No Life
A high school boy who looks like a bully because of his scary face but actually is a very kind person and a good househusband.Toradora
A military alchemist who uses fire to fight. Sometimes he may look arrongant and selfish.Fullmetal Alchemist
Blond and orphan ninja who wanna be the hokage and has a fox demon locked inside his body.Naruto
A orange haired girl who was locked in a VRMMORPG where she met a boy and fell in love with him. She was a menber of a great guild.Sword Art Online
He is a very kind person who don't like hurting other people evem if they're his enemies. He has a quite protective older brother.Saint Seya
A demon buttler who made a pact with a boy and became his loyal servant since then.Kuroshitsuji
Two younger sisters whose older brother is substitute shinigami.Bleach
His weapon is a group of chains created to destroy the group of murederers and thievs responsable by killing his people.HunterxHunter
He is a great swimmer and has four good friends. The oly things he likes are swimming and eating mackerel fish.Free!
She loves Kira more than anything and also has a death note. She used to work as a top model at beggining of anime.Death Note
He is also known as 'Court's King' and used to have difficulty on teamwork. Nowadays he is a Karasuno volleyball player and Hinata's best friend.Haikyuu
He is a mage who was educated by a dragon and has the ability to eat fire to recover his power. He don't like any kind of transportation ways.Fairy Tail
Shutoku basketball ace and a member of miraculous generation who is obsessed with horoscope and daily lucky items.Kuroko no Basket

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