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Can you name the anime characters by their powers or abilities?

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Power or AbilitycharacterAnime
Pegasus ryuseikenSaint Seiya
Karyu no hoko (Fire Dragon roar)Fairy Tail
KamehamehaDragon Ball
Stigma of the windKaze no Stigma
Hiten Mitsurugi techniqueRurouni Kenshin
GeassCode Geass
Ice MakeFairy Tail
Chidori and SusanooNaruto
Ignite passKuroko no Basket
Titan ShiftAttack on Titan
God speedHunter x Hunter
Ensatsu kokuryu haYu Yu Hakusho
Satan SoulFairy Tail
Power or AbilitycharacterAnime
Dress BreakHigh School DxD
Thor HammerKuroko no Basket
Gear ThirdOne Piece
Mach 20 speedAssassination Classroom
JajankenHunter x Hunter
Tensa Zangetsu:getsuga tenshouBleach
Rose WhipYu Yu Hakusho
SantoryuOne Piece
Diamond dustSaint Seiya
Dual Blades (nitoryu)SAO
LeiganYu Yu Hakusho

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