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What is the name of the laundry detergent Ross buys to replace his Snuggle?
What is the name of Joey's uncle who has a really large tongue?
When a cheesecake gets delivered to Chandler's apartment by mistake, where did it come from?
How many years without playing football did Monica and Ross go? (Between the last Geller Cup and Thanksgiving, 1996)
What's the name of Jill Goodacre's dog?
Who plays Emily Waltham?
Finish the line: 'Look, Ben! It's a toy that protects __________!'
What's the name of the guy who comes to pick up the cell phone that Rachel and Phoebe find at Central Perk?
What score did Joey's co-star on Days of Our Lives get on his SAT's?
What is Chandler's bank account number?

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