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Jesus alumnus Matthew Fisher played organ on which #1 hit by Procul Harum?
Peterhouse alumnus Colin Greenwood plays bass for which English indie band, whose albums include Kid A and The Bends?
Which Pembroke alumnus wrote & performed the song 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'?
Jesus alumnus Kimberly Rew wrote and performed 'Walking on Sunshine' with which band, Eurovision winners in 1997?
Trinity alumnus and record label founder Jonathan King discovered and chose the name of which English rock band, whose members have included Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins?
Which former Fitzwilliam student and influential English singer-songwriter wrote and performed 'Northern Sky', 'Pink Moon' and others?
Which St. John's alumnus wrote 'Share and Enjoy', the company song of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation?
The works of which Trinity alumnus include A Sea Symphony and The Lark Ascending?
Jesus alumnus Tony Wilson founded the Factory record label, home to which band who had hits with 'World in Motion', 'True Faith' and 'Blue Monday'?
Clare alumnus Richard Stilgoe wrote the lyrics for the musical Starlight Express; what unusual item of clothing do performers in Starlight Express have to wear?

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