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YearArtistRepresentative Artwork
1984Farewell to Crete (painting depicting horse-like animals and other forms)
1985A Small Thing But My Own (blue and orange stripes of paint with frame also painted)
1986Coming (photomontage of artists standing under abstract forms)
1987Boys And Girls (abstract vinyl & plywood forms)
1988Minster (machine parts built into spires)
1989White Water Line (china clay and water solution painted onto floor of gallery)
1991Untitled Installation (large monochrome geometric forms)
1992HAL (two large steel cylinders)
1993House (concrete cast of inside of house)
1994Field for the British Isles (multitude of terracotta figurines)
1995Mother and Child, Divided (cow and calf bisected in formaldehyde)
1996Confessions of a Justified Sinner (slow-motion video of people screaming)
1997Sixty Minute Silence (video of people dressed as police officers sitting still for an hour)
1998No Woman, No Cry (portrait of woman crying with elephant dung)
1999Deadpan (video installation recreating Buster Keaton stunt involving wall falling on artist)
2000Snow/Ice Grid (photographs of melting ice and snow)
2001Work No. 227: The Lights Going On and Off (gallery lights switching on and off at regular intervals)
YearArtistRepresentative Artwork
2002The Thinker (hexagonal black monolith containing banks of computers)
2003We've Found The Body Of Your Child (vase depicting helpless baby)
2004Memory Bucket (mixed-media installation depicting travels through Texas)
2005Shedboatshed (shed turned into boat and back into shed)
2006Ebe (painting of blue geometric forms)
2007State Britain (recreation of anti-war protest outside Parliament)
2008Industrial Light & Magic (video installation featuring Felix the Cat)
2009Untitled (gold leaf fresco painted onto wall of gallery)
2010Lowlands Away (sound installation under bridges)
2011Do Words Have Voices (park-like installation)
2012The Woolworths Choir of 1979 (video installation about fire at a shop in Manchester)
2013Wantee (video installation based in replica tearoom)
2014It for Others (essay film including dance explanation of Marxism)
2015Granby Four Streets Project (regeneration of a street in Toxteth, Liverpool)
2016Lunar Nibs (sculpture with unconventional materials inc. steel, snakeskin and felt at the Venice Biennale)
2017Naming the Money (100 life-size cut-outs representing Black servants and labourers)

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