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'Burning Down The House' and 'Houses in Motion' are songs by which American indie band?
The House of the Rising Sun is in which city in the Animals song of the same name?
'Country House' by Blur beat 'Roll With It' by Oasis to #1 in August 1995 in an event known as what?
'House of Fun' by Madness is about a boy on his 16th birthday attempting to do what?
Norman Cook, formerly of British indie band The Housemartins, is better known by what name?
'Miami 2 Ibiza' was a #4 hit in 2010 for Swedish House Mafia and which diminutive London­ born rapper?
Irish­-American hip­hop group House of Pain had an international top 10 hit in 1992 with what song?
In a 2005 single, LCD Soundsystem declare that which French techno band are playing at their house?
Which boyband, better known for their 1994 Christmas number one single, had a number #8 hit two years earlier with 'House of Love'?
Which Massive Attack song, a cover of which was the 2011 Children in Need single, is the theme tune to the TV show 'House'?

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