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Can you name the answers to these ten questions about songs about certain things?

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Which Carly Simon song is speculated to be about, among others, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, David Geffen, Warren Beatty and Cat Stevens?
Which #1 hit by The Boomtown Rats is about a 1979 school shooting and takes its title from the shooter's explanation to the police of her motives?
Which American musician, when asked in 1989 by a producer what a then-untitled song was about, replied 'It's about a girl'?
Which American singer-songwriter's stock response when asked 'what does 'American Pie' mean?' is 'It means I never have to work again'?
Which American singer-songwriter, when asked by Playboy 'What are your songs about?', replied 'Some are about four minutes, some are about five'?
Which song by The Stranglers is usually held to be about either exotic prostitutes or heroin, despite one of the band asserting that it is in fact about 'toast'?
The song 'It Was A Good Day' was determined by blogger Donovan Strain to be about January 20th, 1992. Which rapper performed the song?
Name either artist: performers of the 2010 song 'Write About Love', performers of the 1987 album Songs About F***ing?
Which Irish comedian is famous for a routine in which he demonstrates that none of the things the Alanis Morissette song 'Ironic' is about are, in fact, ironic?
'Hotel California' by Eagles and 'Stairway to Heaven' by Led Zeppelin are both songs with much-debated meanings; which charted higher in the UK?

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