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Domain fungi are in
Kingdom fungi are in
Phyla in subkingdom dikarya
Cause of potato blight
Ubiquitous soil pathogen causing wilt & of interest to scientists genetically
Cause of cereal rust- requires barberry in lifecycle
Cause of southern blight; a facultative plant pathogen
Rod-shaped, Gram negative Bacteria existing as over 50 diff pathovars, causes bacterial speck
Intracellular douglas fir tree endophyte?
Intercellular douglas fir tree endophyte?
Other endophyte with anti-herbivore affects
Cause of sycamore diamond abark
Produces ergots
protection vs dutch elm disease
Dutch elm disease pathogen
Ubiquitous yeat-like fungus, often endophyte or epiphyte
Cause of banana anthracnose
Most economically important fungal pathogen in N hemisphere
another active wood pathogen- oldest organism in this genus
yeast commonly isolated from environmental sources, such as air, tree leaves, and orange peels
Types of mycorrhiza found on moors
Types of mycorrhiza important for crops
Types of mycorrhiza found in boreal & temperate forests
Types of mycorrhiza found on orchids
2 Types of mycorrhiza found in ericales dicots
cause of blue mould on oranges
causes soft rot of vegetable
causes brown rot of stone fruit
genus specific necrotroph
corn smut
cause of wilts- 2 species similar
causes club root in crucifers
in general, smuts caused by
in general, rusts caused by
in general, powdery mildews caused by
in general, downy mildews caused by

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