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Can you name the Colorado Fourteeners?

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Elevation (feet)
 Sawatch Range, 14433
 Sawatch Range, 14421
 Sawatch Range, 14420
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14375
 Sawatch Range, 14336
 San Juan Range, 14309
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14294
 Mosquito Range, 14286
 Front Range, 14270
 Sawatch Range, 14269
 Front Range, 14267
 Elk Range, 14265
 Tenmile Range, 14265
 Front Range, 14264
 Front Range, 14255
 San Juan Range, 14246
 Mosquito Range, 14238
 Sawatch Range, 14229
 Sawatch Range, 14197
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14197
 Sawatch Range, 14197
 Sawatch Range, 14196
 Mosquito Range, 14172
 Sangre de Cristo, 14165
 San Juan Range, 14159
 Elk Range, 14156
 Sawatch Range, 14155
 Sawatch Range, 14153
 San Juan Range, 14150
Elevation (feet)
 Mosquito Range, 14148
 Elk Range, 14130
 Front Range, 14110
 Elk Range, 14092
 San Juan Range, 14083
 San Juan Range, 14082
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14081
 Sawatch Range, 14073
 Sawatch Range, 14067
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14064
 Front Range, 14060
 Elk Range, 14060
 San Juan Range, 14059
 San Juan Range, 14048
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14047
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14042
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14042
 San Juan Range, 14039
 Sangre de Cristo Range, 14037
 Mosquito Range, 14036
 San Juan Range, 14034
 Elk Range, 14018
 San Juan Range, 14017
 San Juan Range, 14015
 San Juan Range, 14014
 Elk Range, 14014
 Sawatch Range, 14005
 Sawatch Range, 14003
 San Juan Range, 14001

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