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Can you name the Sherlock Holmes stories by a two-word plot description?

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David & Bathsheba
Severed Ear
Woman Collector
Cataleptic Russian
Clay Pyramids
Australian Dads
Identical Fillings
Mauled Face
Bearded Sentinel
Bloody Thumbprint
Severed Digit
Spilled Oranges
Butler's Tomb
Doppelganger Governess
Snake Whistler
Langur Liquid
Wheezing Maid
Cabby's Revenge
Indian Treasure
Broken Jewelry
Athlete's Wife
Double Burial
Hidden Picture
Railroad Bend
Sleepover Alibi
Paint Fumes
Recycled Crypt
Chain Smoker
Dropped Boquet
Tunneling Robbers
Fake Hooves
Pre-recorded Violin
Fake Bum
Neapolitan Society
August 1914
Goose Crop
Painted Horse
Missing Boot
Elephant Gun
Weighted Revolver
Smashed Busts
Meet Mycroft
Deadly Jellyfish
Prison Ship
Fiancée's Brother
Harpooned Pig
Pinkerton Agent
Moved Rug
Black Daughter
Worst Man
Swiss Waterfall
Beeswing Dregs
Quarantined Leper
Peruvian Sucker
Mafia Heiroglyphics
Playing Sick
Stepfather Fiancé
Trippy Powder
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