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SentenceWho(a) or Whom(b)
He wasn't there for those ____ were always there for him.
____ did you take to prom?
My friends, ____ I love dearly, are really annoying at times.
Doctor ____?
____ shall I fear?
____ will the Academy award with an Oscar?
I will find ____ever keeps parking in my spot.
To ____ever can read binary, 01100001.
I need someone ____ I can trust.
A big round of applause to those ____ defend our nation.
SentenceWho(a) or Whom(b)
To ____ever this message reaches, heed my warning.
____ are you?
Those ____ fail to learn from history,
I don't understand people ____ don't like Disneyland.
Ask not for ____ the bell tolls.
They talked trash to ____ever they didn't like.
Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those ____ ask for it.
____ wants some cake?
Give this gift to ____ever most needs it.
I don't care ____ we might offend.

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