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Classified AdCharacter Placing This Ad
Small-town country lawyer seeks criminal defense work. Specializes in race discrimination cases with last-minute surprises.
Unemployed, possibly dead English nobleman, qualified to insult and be insulted. Or woo ladies (not as well, though).
For sale: English manor. Located in the Moors, next to the Heights. Might be haunted by the ghost of true love lost.
Moneylender offers good rates. Just don't default: penalty is a pound of flesh.
Experienced governess can look after and educate your children. No attics.
For sale: Enchanted Mediterranean island. Comes with witch and savage (at no charge!).
Need your labor protest organized? I can help! Specialties include economic depression and farm workers.
Room for rent on Baker Street. New tenant must put up with occasional drug use and odd hours.
Classified AdCharacter Placing This Ad
Spanish nobleman seeks sidekick for delusional adventures.
Lab assistant sought. Grave-digging experience preferred.
Who will party with me in West Egg, Long Island? You will! Chosen candidate must have experience with sticky situations. I will supply the well-connected friends. It will be great.
SWM seeks SWF. Maternity test required (no questions, please). Must be okay with blind people.
Need your fence painted? I can help! I also offer Mississippi rafting excursions.
Experienced bell-ringer. No church-tower is too high.
Clerk wanted. Must be willing to work on Christmas and with a minimum of heat.

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