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_______ combine with nonmetals to form compounds
Acids react with _______ to produce a salt, water and carbon dioxide.
Some decomposition reactions occur by _________.
_________ ________, when heated, form metallic oxides and steam.
Some _______, when heated, form nonmetallic oxides and water.
Oxides of metals between mercury and ________ will decompose; but it will require hydrogen.
_______ combine with water to form bases.
_________ ________, when heated, form metallic oxides and carbon dioxide.
Oxides of mercury and metals below _______ on the activity series decompose with heating.
Metals above ______ on the activity series will replace hydrogen from acids.
__________ _______, when heated, form metallic chlorides and oxygen.
______ ______ reactions will occur if one of the products is water, a gas, or a precipitate.
Oxides of chromium and metals above_______ will not decompose by heating, even when hydrogen is used.
Acids react with bases to produce a _____ and water.
Metals above ______ will react with water. _______ will react with steam.
_____ active nonmetals will replace less active nonmetals
________ equations are always balanced.
_______ combine with water to form acids
When organic compounds burn they produce ______ ______ and water.
____ active metals will replace less active metals.

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