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Year of Japanese Occupation fo Indochina/Formation of Vietminh
Year of Young Plan
Month of Geneva Agreement
Year of Dawes Plan
Date of Reichstag Fire
Year Hitler founds the SA
Year Hitler becomes leader of Party
Date of My Lai Massacre
Year Hindenburg becomes President
Month of Munich Putsch
Year of Renewal of war between NVM and SVM
Date of Tet Offensive
Month Diem removed in coup d'etat/JFK assasinated
Year of publication of pentagon papers and fullbright hearings
Month of Hitler joining the German Worker's Party
Month of Kapp Putsch
Month Nazis become single largest party
Month of Wall Street Crash
Year of Nuremberg Laws
Month of first free elections in Weimar Republic
Year of Olympic Games
Year US troops leave Vietnam
Year of Introduction of Strategic Hamlet Policy
Year USA agrees to provide economic and military aid to France
Year of creation of NLF/Vietcong
Year Vietnam becomes part of French Indochina
Year of First Student Protests
Year of beginning of secret peace talks
Date of Ceasefire in Paris
Year of Death of Stresemann
Year of Joining the League of Nations
Year of Election of JFK
Year Start of Vietminh Guerilla Campaign
Year of Nixon's re-election/revealment of secret talks
Month of Operation Rolling Thunder
End of Operation Rolling Thunder (Month)
Year China becomes Communist
Year of Locarno Treaty
Year of Gulf of Tonkin Incident and Resolution
Date of Night of the Long Knives
Month of Kristallnacht
Month of Death of Hindenburg/Hitler becomes Fuhrer
Month of Enabling Act
Date of fall of Saigon
Year Vietminh move to full-scale attacks on French
Month of Kent State Incident
Year of Secret Bombing of Cambodia/Start of Vietnamisation
Year My Lai Massacre reported to press
Date Hitler becomes Chancellor
Date of Armistice
Month of the Occupation of the Ruhr
Month of Spartacist Uprising
Year of Japanese Surrender

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