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What is the basic unit of all living organisms found on Earth?
What is the organelle that contains DNA?
What is the energy currency for most organisms?
What are the two types of cells?
What is the cycle called where RuBP is used to make glucose?
A mother has blood type A and her husband has blood type O. According to a punnet square, what the mother's genotype be if half of the couple's children have type O blood?
What are the inner folds of the mitochondria called?
Which phase in the cell cycle sees the replication of DNA?
Analogous structures are examples of what type of evolution?
What in plants transports nutrients and water? (Hint: Think about vascular tissue.)
When mRNA is processed in the nucleus, some sections are cut out. What are these sections called?
All the carbons of glucose during cellular respiration are converted into which molecule?
During DNA replication, there are two strands being produced. One is the leading strand. What is the other strand called, and what is the name of the fragments that compose it?
A cell has 46 chromosomes. How many would this cell have at the end of Meiosis 1?
What part of the eye focuses light onto the retina?
What hormone in the body raises blood sugar?
What kingdom does the phylum Rhizopodia belong to?
When a baby bird is newly hatched, the first thing it sees is a mouse. It follows the mouse where ever the mouse goes. This is an example of what?
Cnidocytes and a polyp body plan are characterisitics of which phylum in the Kingdom Animalia?
What hormone functions both as a flight or fight response and as a neruotransmitter, sending messages from one neuron to the other?

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